Welcome to The Big Game!

Although it is now known as tourist destination, Medulin is an old fishing village and keeping alive the tradition of fishing, of small pelagic fish and now more present big game fishing for large bluefin tuna.
Sail into a lifetime adventure surrounded with beauties of the nature park Kamenjak and
Medulin’s archipelago. Enjoy the untouched clearness of the Adriatic sea until you reach the open sea where the BIG GAME begins.

Your senses, dulled by the mundanities of everyday life, will awake with the
rush of adrenaline, and finally you will get the opportunity to test your body and its endurance.

Whether you choose boat fishing or big game fishing, Tunana crew – whose experience
runs through four generations of professional fishermen – will make sure that after
the all-day battle and the catch of a lifetime you get back to the coast with a story you will be proud of.