We take you to Big Game fishing in Istria. From Medulin to Ližnjan, Pula or Rovinj depending on the location of the fish at the time. With fully equipped boat and experienced crew you will enjoy your Big Game fishing experience in Croatia. With us you can experience fishing life in Istria, become familiar with the techniques of fishing and the lifestyle of fishermen who through generations maintain this tradition alive.
The main ship is the one for catching sardines, used for several generations. To catch bluefin tuna we using 10 meter long boat with complete equipment, accompanied by experienced skipper.
In 2015 we achieved good results by winning the first regional championship with the catch of a 89kg tuna, then a month after, on the opeing of OWC in Poreč, we have achieved record catch with the 262 kg bluefin tuna!


  • 2-4 persons


  • Tuna (Bluefin)
  • Swordfish (rare)



  • Before dawn (depending on other big fishing boats)
  • Estimated time onboard: 8 hours
  • Possible trip from 10:00 – 18:00h (or on demand)