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A bit about Tunana

Tunana is a fishing charter run by 2 brothers, Sinisa-Cici and Marko, sister Marijana-Nana and their father Neša with the help of their friends Dražen, Manuel, Matej and Stefan. The core of the fisherman business is the F/V “Levan” the boat for catching sardines. Back in 2014 Cici bought the Faeton Moraga 910 to start the first Tuna fishing charter in Medulin. Since 2021 we are working with a larger boat Cantieri Costa Smeralda, 12m long and 4 wide, with a capacity for 6 guests.  With our fully equipped boat and experienced crew you will enjoy your tuna fishing experience in Croatia. Year by year and tuna after tuna the Tunana crew continues to live and breath the sea and the local fisherman lifestyle. 

In 2015 we achieved good results by winning the first regional championship with the catch of a 89kg tuna, then a month after, on the opening of OWC in Poreč, we have achieved the record catch with the 262 kg bluefin tuna.

Another great result was achieved in 2019! Tunana team caught the biggest fish during the 4th regional championship, a 128kg bluefin tuna.

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