Tuna fishing in Croatia

When it comes to tuna fishing, Croatia is on top of that list! Year after year new fishing charters are joining the fleet and offer their services and knowledge to all fisherman who’s dream is to catch the giant bluefin tuna, and to make this dream come true you don’t have to travel to the distant USA, Mexico, or Australia. But what’s the best time for tuna fishing in Croatia?

Every year now fishermen from all over the Croatian coast travel to the northern Adriatic to catch the giant bluefin tuna off the Istrian peninsula coast! The perfect time to catch the giant bluefin are September and October.

September is the month when the great fish come….”Ernest Hemingway”



Tuna season in Croatia goes on from the 15 February to 31st December with a spawn period od about 40 days from the end of May to the begging of July, due to the tuna spawn season, the fish migrates south. In July when the tuna comes back the high season is ON! 

The size of the tuna that you can expect to catch in Croatia varies from 40kg to 300kg. Tunana fishing charter record is a 262kg bluefin tuna caught in Poreč back in 2015! Every year the Tunana crew lands tuna of 100kg and more.

Big game tuna fishing in Croatia grows in popularity and so does the opportunity to live such experience for anglers all over Europe witch can easily travel to Istria. Even if you want to try a 1-day fishing trip or you prefer all-inclusive fishing holiday, Tunana fishing charter offers you the perfect angling paradise experience!