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My name is Marko born in Pula 02.11.1990. I’ve studied Nautical science in Rijeka and got a master’s degree in 2015. In 2017 I embarked on a 360m container carrier CMA CGM Cassiopeia as deck cadet (you never forget your first ship as you never forget your first lady).  I worked on big container ships as 3rd officer until 2020. 

Since we bought the bigger 12m boat in 2021 I decide I’ll quit my Navigational Officer job and start work permanently on our Tunana family business. 


I fell in love with tuna fishing in 2013 the moment I hooked and rilled in my first bluefin of 2,11m and 110kg. After that few more personal records and endless fights with this magnificent fish and countless dawns and sunsets at sea onboard our Tunana boat. 

What I like about big game fishing is not science, is not the biggest fish, is not the number of tuna strikes in one day, is not a super-advanced fishing technique…..I like being in sync with nature, being awake at 4 am with 1 rod in the sea ready to hear that reel screaming when the tuna bites while most of the world is still asleep. I like to relax with a drink in my hand while watching the sunset in the middle of the sea. 

Every tuna I catch I’m happy as it’s my first one, and always remind myself how grateful I am to have this opportunity and privilege to work as a captain on a charter boat and to share such amazing experiences with fishermen from around the world. 


Sure, not every fishing day ends up with a tuna on the deck, and I’ll be the most disappointed always if that happens, but again, I cannot forget all the other positive and wonderful aspects of fishing because of the day without a tuna.

It’s more than fishing, it’s more than a big game charter, it’s a pure genuine lifestyle! 

My goal is to transmit this wonderful experience of spending a day at sea, on such a nice boat, the lifestyle that I’m lucky to live for the most part of the year, have a nice local made snack, fresh fish, local olive oil, good craft beer or a glass of Istrian wine, all of that whit few rods in the sea waiting for the most wonderful fish to bite and to cheer us up even more! 



He’s the owner of Tunana fishing charter, captain on the sardines fishing boat Levan and the strongest Tunana crew member…meet ČIČI.
He simply knows where the tuna “sleeps” and knows how to find it even on new and unknown fishing territory! 
His favorite catch is the giant 262kg Bluefin tuna from Poreč and the 15kg Mahi Mahi.

He’s passionate about seafood kitchen and that’s the main reason he combined fishing and cooking in the new and innovative concept known as Hook & Cook festival & Hook & Cook Pula restaurant.


Neša Sine “the old man and the sea”!

6 years in the game with Tunana. Never quits and never stops thinking about new techniques and tricks to catch the big bluefin tuna.

If you ask him he would sleep on the boat, fish night and day and would come back to the harbor just to land the fish and take more sardines for the chum.
He’s the real master for the blue sharks.

His favorite catch the 128kg is the bluefin during the regional big game championship 2019.