He’s the owner of Tunana fishing charter, captain on the sardines fishing boat Levan and the strongest Tunana crew member…meet ČIČI.
He simply knows where the tuna “sleeps” and knows how to find it even on new and unknown fishing territory! 
His favorite catch is the giant 262kg Bluefin tuna from Poreč and the 15kg Mahi Mahi.

He’s passionate about seafood kitchen and that’s the main reason he combined fishing and cooking in the new and innovative concept known as Hook & Cook festival & Hook & Cook Pula restaurant.


Marko is part of the Tunana fishing team since the beginning, his first catch was a 211cm long and 120kg heavy bluefin tuna.

In the meanwhile he become 3rd officer on large container vessels and navigates around the globe for a period up to 6 months at sea. 

Officer, recreational surfer and fisherman, his life is all about the sea. ⚓️



Neša Sine “the old man and the sea”!

6 years in the game with Tunana. Never quits and never stops thinking about new techniques and tricks to catch the big bluefin tuna.

If you ask him he would sleep on the boat, fish night and day and would come back to the harbor just to land the fish and take more sardines for the chum.
He’s the real master for the blue sharks.

His favorite catch the 128kg is the bluefin during the regional big game championship 2019. 


+385 99 2497 979
+385 99 333 02 11

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